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Transit Language has a variety of quality services to offer both companies and private individuals:

  • Writing of texts in Dutch as well as English;
  • Translations Dutch ↔ English;
  • Correction of Dutch and English documents;
  • Proofreading of Dutch and English documents.


To request a quotation based on the size, time of delivery and -most importantly- content of your writing or translation project, please contact Transit Language!

Please note: The same rates apply to documents written in Dutch as well as in English. All prices exclude 21% VAT and postage or delivery costs (if applicable). On a regular working day, Transit Language can process a maximum of 2000 words to translate (when available). If your assignment requires more, please refer to the section “Urgent Assignments” below. Project-based rates are possible, please contact Transit Language for more information.


Transit Language can also handle your most urgent translating, correcting or writing assignments.
Any assignment is considered “urgent” if it requires:

  • delivery of the finalised document within 24hrs, and/or
  • more than 2000 words per day for the document to be properly handled.

If these conditions apply to your assignment, a fee of +20% will be added to the total cost of your assignment.


Transit Language aims at supplying your translated or proofread documents within the delivery periods mentioned below (can be subjected to change).
Note: Delivery periods for writing assignements will be determined by mutual agreement.

1-300 words: 2-4 working days
301-6000 words: 4-7 working days
>6000 words:
By mutual agreement


Transit Language charges € 0,30 / km (Excl. 21% VAT) to accomodate travel expenses when applicable. All-in hourly rates possible.

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